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This website and our team of experienced life insurance agents provides life insurance quotes, direct from the carrier.  This means that the rates we’re quoting you are the same you’ll get from going directly to the carrier…except we aggregate all the life insurance companies and compare them side by side for you.

Go ahead and run an instant life insurance quote above.  You’ll be able to compare rates (monthly and annually), financial ratings and products.  These are the same rates you’d get if you called the life insurance company directly.

Why work with

Our number one asset is our knowledge.  We have the experience and knowledge to find you the lowest life insurance rates available from over 60 of the nation’s top rated life insurance companies.  We’re  consistently finding the best rates on the market for our clients, even if they have a current policy in force.  Our knowledge and experience of underwriting are second to none and that’s a huge advantage for you.

Sure we can spreadsheet the results on our website for you, but it comes down to convincing an underwriter to give you the best rates available.  The reason is because every life insurance company looks at your health and lifestyle choices differently.  It’s up to your agent to not only find the best rate you can qualify for, but convince the underwriter to give you the best rate possible and that’s exactly what we do for you.

Why do I need to buy Life insurance?

Although many people put off buying life insurance coverage because they think it is a morbid subject and ultimately they do not want to have to consider their own death, everyone should consider taking out adequate life insurance coverage and for anyone who has loved ones and financial obligations, it is an absolute must have. The sudden death of a friend or relative in an accident or from a sudden illness is often a time when people start to look at their own provisions for their loved ones in the unexpected event of their own demise. Think about what would happen to your loved ones who depend on you financially, if you were to die suddenly with no kind of life insurance coverage in place, especially if you have children:

1. How would they cope financially?

2. Would they be able to live the same standard of life?

3. Would your children still have the same opportunities in life and education that they would have had if you were still alive?

4. Would your family have to move to a different house, neighborhood and school?

5. Would your spouse have to work and find someone else to care for your children?

Life often takes us by surprise and as we cannot foresee the future these are important questions that need to be asked. Any one of us could suddenly fall ill and die or be the victim of an accident that claims our life, so, in order to ensure that your loved ones do not suffer any financial hardship should you suddenly die, you need to ensure that you have adequate life insurance coverage in place.

What type of Life Insurance should I buy?

The good news is that if you are young and in good health, low cost term life insurance is easily accessible to you and offers an excellent choice of life insurance coverage. It provides life insurance coverage for a fixed amount of time, pays out a guaranteed death benefit if you die within the term of the policy and also offers the highest rate of death benefit for your dollar.

I am on a Budget, can I afford to buy Life Insurance?

The question here is can you afford NOT to buy life insurance? Although you may be on a budget, trying to pay off a mortgage and possibly other debts, if you were to die suddenly with no life insurance coverage in place, your spouse would be left to struggle on alone financially. You need to have adequate life insurance coverage in place and if you look at life insurance as simply risk assurance, much as you would purchase vehicle insurance for your car in case of an accident, you are just ensuring that if you were to die suddenly your loved ones financial needs would be taken care of. The length of time that a term life insurance policy runs for contributes to the premium amounts payable, however, with various lengths of insurance term available, low cost term life insurance offers a choice of death benefit amounts with fixed premiums for the entire length of the policy and helps you to budget more easily.

Does my Health affect my Premiums?

Your state of health at the time of application is the basis that your life insurance policy will be created upon.  As long as the premiums are paid on time and in accordance with the terms of the policy even if your health declines over the term of the policy it does not affect either the premiums nor the amount of death benefit paid out upon death of the insured within that specified term. At the end of the specified term, if the insured party is still living, there are no more premiums to be paid and the policy simply ends

Does Low Cost Term Life Insurance pay out any other benefits?

Low cost term life insurance is purely life insurance coverage for a fixed amount of time, it offers no other investment benefits, but it is ideal for when you main concern is that should you die your life insurance will pay out enough death benefit to more than adequately cover your family’s financial needs. The policy runs for the specified term and purely ensures that if the insured party dies at any time during that term, it simply pays out the specified amount of death benefit to the beneficiaries and then ceases to exist.

Do I need Low Cost Term Life Insurance for my Spouse?

If you and your spouse have children and joint financial responsibilities, then it makes sense to ensure that both of you have adequate life insurance coverage in place, especially when there are children to be cared for. If only one partner were to have life insurance coverage and the other partner died unexpectedly, without life insurance coverage, the surviving partner would still have to work and also care for the children. By ensuring that both of you have adequate life insurance coverage in place, should either, or even both of you die suddenly, not only would your debts be paid off, but also your children would be left financially secure.

The bottom line is:

Low cost term life insurance gives you peace of mind, offers the highest amount of death benefit available for your dollar and covers your life insurance needs for a fixed term of your choosing, it also allows you to decide the level of death benefit you want to be available should you die and sets the premiums accordingly.  Those premiums are then set for the life of the policy and as long as they are paid on time as required by the terms of the policy and the policy is up to date, low cost term life insurance ensures that even if you are unfortunate enough to suffer an early and unexpected demise, your loved ones will be financially cared for.


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