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Where you can get Help with Funeral Costs

Arranging a funeral for a loved one can be trying time. One thing that you will need to consider is the cost of a funeral. By knowing these costs and how to pay for funeral expenses means that you will be able to make better decisions and also relieve unnecessary stress.

If you take on the cost of funeral expenses then you need to understand what amounts are applicable and also optional. Funeral directors are often employed to help with the arrangements.

It is never easy to deal with the deceased’s estate and having to balance finances. Many funerals are arranged by a family member or a close friend. If there isn’t anybody to arrange the funeral then the local health authorities will arrange a very simple funeral.

Funeral Directors

Usually, a funeral director is hired to arrange a funeral as they will take on the majority of arrangements and make sure that that everything is legal.

A funeral director will generally:

  • Select a coffin
  • Handle conveyance of the deceased to the right authorities
  • Take care of the deceased
  • Provide a hearse
  • Provide bearers
  • Make all legal requirements

They can also:

  • Arrange flowers
  • Arrange catering
  • Arrange music
  • Help with choosing and purchasing head stones
  • Arrange the burial or cremation
  • And other such services

Getting help with funeral costs is something that a funeral director may advise you on. After going through your various preferences and options, a funeral director will send you a quote for their services. You will then need to make a deposit before they begin to make any of the arrangements. If the person that has died has specific arrangements with the funeral director to take the money from an estate or form an insurance policy, then money will not need to be paid until all of the finances have been dealt with.

You shouldn’t pay a deposit to a funeral director straight away as you will first need to receive a cost breakdown. This is actually a standard practice for all funeral directors that belong to a trade association. If the funeral director can’t give you a breakdown of costs upfront, then rather find someone else who can. You will also need to know the payment terms in advance so that you are prepared for them. The outstanding balance is then invoiced sometime after the funeral. This timing varies and is never set in stone.

Hiring a Funeral Director

You are able to hire a funeral director to take on a less-central role, if there are certain aspects you want to take care of yourself.

If, for instance, you wish you want to arrange the funeral on your own, then you can get guidance and help from your local council in regards to the logistics, payments, and legalities.

It is important that you first talk to the cemetery, crematorium, or churchyard before you begin with any funeral arrangements so that you know what their guidelines are that you will need to follow.

Unless you already have the knowledge and contracts or have made prior arrangements, it is not advised for you to arrange a funeral without the aid of a funeral director. Funeral directors will often have special deals in place with suppliers, this means that will be able to save you money.

With all the factors to consider with funeral costs you may be wondering where you can get help with funeral costs.

Receiving Help with Funeral Costs

When a loved one dies it brings on an emotional turmoil and this will make it harder to be in control of the deceased’s finances and also cover these costs. But you are able to get help with funeral costs. Here are various ways on how to pay for funeral expenses.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans

A funeral that is pre-paid will help with funeral costs as they make sure that beforehand all of the arrangements and the payments of these have been made. You are able to skip inflation as you will be paying now at a fixed price. Opting to pay for a funeral before the death means that you will not have to deal with any decisions or finances during this hard time and can grieve in peace. You are also able to pay for your own funeral so that no bills are left as a burden to your family.

A funeral director is usually used when a pre-paid funeral is carried out. The funeral will then be linked to a certain company or style of funeral that has been agreed upon in advance.

Funeral Insurance

The idea behind funeral insurance is that you will make monthly payments before death. With funeral insurance, you won’t be attached to a specific funeral director, style, or firm. A fixed amount is paid out upon death and this will then cover the cost of the funeral. With funeral insurance you won’t be able to avoid inflation, but it does give you and your family more freedom in the funeral decisions as your preferences may change over time.

Before you take a funeral insurance policy you will need to measure what the final expenses are going to be. Take into consideration the way that you would like to be remembered, where you wish to be buried. and if you want to be cremated or buried. You are able to get a better gauge of the costs by speaking to a funeral director.

You may get an immediate plan which will provide a moderate service that will take place at the graveside and the casket will also be simple. With this plan you will still need to add any extras like the flowers, the headstone, and the plot to your estimated costs.

A full service is one that includes the viewing, a hearse, a formal ceremony, and also the burial or cremation. In order to get an accurate estimate you will need to include any extras that you want. The policy for this may instead be burial insurance as it covers this part of the funeral process.

Once you have calculated the cost of your funeral you will need to get a funeral insurance plan that will cover this.

It is important to get a spot-on estimation so that the funeral insurance will cover all of this and your family is not left with any additional expenses.

Funeral Insurance Quotes

You are able to get funeral insurances from a number of companies, but as with anything that you buy, you will want the best product and at the best price. You will then need to look at all of these companies so that you can make a fair assessment and choose the company that you believe has the best policy for funeral insurance at the best premium.

One way you are able to compare policies and premiums is by getting online quotes from an independent company that will gather all of the necessary information for you and deliver numerous quotes from various companies. This will enable you to compare and choose the one that you want with ease. Getting approved for funeral insurance is not always a given. Applying for a guaranteed issue life insurance plan can give you a nearly instant approval.

Flexible Payment Scheme

Another help with funeral costs is that funeral directors may offer a flexible payment scheme. Flexible payments should be used if you do not have the money right now to cover the costs or if you are waiting for funds to be released.


When it comes to funerals there are usually two general laws in regards to the process.

The first of these is that prior to the funeral, the death will need to be registered. The second law is that the body will need to be correctly taken care of.

When you are organizing a funeral you will generally receive a form that you need to sign which makes you accountable for the costs that are associated with the funeral. If you are unable to do this, then the council in your community will take on the duty and they will do all of the arrangements. The local council will provide a very basic and budget funeral.

Funeral Cost Recovery

From the deceased’s estate, the funeral costs will first be recovered. This will be before other debts, unless the debts are secured. If you pay for the funeral then you are able to get help with funeral costs by recovering the costs from the estate. However, if there is not sufficient money within the estate then you will need to pay for the funeral yourself.

If the cause of death was negligence then you are able to make a claim and will receive the money for the funeral as reimbursement.

Deceased Wishes

You may find that the deceased has left plans in their funeral insurance policy or will in regard to the kind of funeral service they want. Even though these guidelines exist, you are not under any legal commitment to carry them through.

You are almost always able to find help with funeral expenses if you follow the guidelines. One of the best ways for how you can pay for funeral costs is through funeral insurance. You will take this policy out and pay premiums each month. On the event of your death this will payout to your family immediately unlike a life insurance policy. This means that they will be able to cover the costs of your funeral easily and not be left with the bill.

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