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If you are thinking about getting life insurance then you probably are already aware how pricey life insurance can be, especially if you are classified as a smoker. You may think that it is unfair for you to be classified as a smoker and also pay more so that you are able to receive adequate coverage.

You may very well be able to get non-smoker rates for life insurance for tobacco chewers, but this will depend on various factors.

Some believe that they will be able to get non-smoker rates on their own, but when they go through with an application and receive their final policy they are usually in for a shock. Shocked because they find out that they have been classified as a smoker, and receive rates which are twice as high as non-smoker rates.

This is why you need to know what you are doing and how to search when you are looking for life insurance for tobacco chewers.

Insurance companies will take into consideration various factors when they are considering a life insurance application. You will find that some insurance companies are not as harsh towards heart attacks, tobacco chewing, family history, or specific health conditions. You will also find that some charge considerably higher premiums to those with the aforementioned conditions.

Do you Chew Tobacco?

You first need to take into account if you use any other types of tobacco. For instance, do you smoke as well? If you do smoke, then you will most likely be classified as a smoker.  Although, if you only chew tobacco every now and then, the carrier might decide that you are not a smoker so you could then get cheaper rates.

You will find that there are some companies that are more lenient when it comes to life insurance for tobacco chewers. The insurance company will allow you chew tobacco infrequently as long as your life insurance paramedical exam that doesn’t indicate the use of tobacco. You will need to find out from your life insurance company when your exam is, so that you can be sure to put your tin away and don’t chew in the days leading up to it.

The exam is a way for the company to find out whether you are telling the truth about your tobacco use and if you have any existing health concerns. If your test results fall into the normal ranges then you should be able to get affordable life insurance. Insurance companies are more interested in if you smoke cigarettes and this will usually determine the life insurance rates for tobacco chewers.

Non-Smoker Rates for Tobacco Chewers

You are able to get life insurance for tobacco chewers and the rates depend on your tobacco chewing frequency, but it is important that you speak to an agent so that they can understand more about your situation.

The fact is, that if your test results do indicate that you use nicotine then they may give you smoker rates.

Depending on your specific case, a rare tobacco chewer is able to get non-smoking coverage. You will also need to see if there any other factors in your life that will affect your life insurance premium.

How Tobacco Chewing can Affect Life Insurance Premiums

It will likely affect your life insurance coverage whether you smoke, chew tobacco, or use any other form of smokeless tobacco. Life insurance for smokeless tobacco can have increased premiums even though chewing tobacco is not burned or inhaled.

However, there are still health risks that are associated with tobacco chewing and this is taken into consideration by life insurance companies.

Is Chewing Tobacco the Same as Smoking?

Overall, most life insurance companies view the use of any type of tobacco as a risk factor. Chewing tobacco doesn’t have as many health risks as smoking, such as lung cancer and respiratory illnesses, but chewing tobacco does increase the death risk of a person compared to someone that doesn’t use any type of tobacco. Life insurance for smokers is the same sometimes, but not always.

Smokeless tobacco can carry the following risks, according to WebMD:

  • The development of leukoplakia, which are white, leathery patches on the inside of the cheek or on the gum. This can cause oral cancer.
  • Abrasion of the teeth, gum recession, and periodontal bone loss.
  • Increased risk of pancreatic cancer.
  • Higher risk of becoming addicted to tobacco.

No matter if tobacco is smoked or if it is chewed there is strong evidence that it may indeed cause cancer. This is why life insurance companies will charge higher rates for tobacco chewers.

How Tobacco Chewing is viewed by Life Insurance Companies

There is point in falsifying stories about your chewing tobacco habit, because your life insurance company will find out regardless. With your application, you will also need to do a medical examination. During the exam you will need to provide blood and urine samples, which will be tested for the presence of nicotine.

The result of the test will either assign you with premium rates which are similar to the ones that tobacco smokers get, or they may even decline your application.

Most of the insurance companies follow a 12 month rule. This means that if you have chewed tobacco in the last 12 months leading up to your life insurance applications, then you are considered to be at the same risk as a tobacco smoker. With this rule, the frequency of your tobacco use is not the issue. This means that the occasional user will be put in the category as with the other regular users.

The amount that the life insurance company will charge for life insurance for tobacco chewers will depend on a case-by-case basis. The risks that are associated with your tobacco use will be taken into consideration along with the rest of your health.

Life insurance for dippers and tobacco chewers will be considered by insurance companies differently. There are some companies that will be more causal in regards to it and others are stricter and you will be placed smokers. You will find companies offering more affordable rates but this depends on your use. For instance:

  • Some companies will charge you a standard rate if your tobacco chewing is occasional and no nicotine appears in your tests.
  • There are some companies that will classify smokeless tobacco users into a specific category. This will be less expensive.
  • Some companies will charge only a little more if you are a tobacco chewer as long as your overall health is excellent.

You will need to select and apply to the right life insurance company as a tobacco chewer in order to get the best possible outcome.

The best thing to do if you want to get life insurance as a tobacco chewer is to look around at different companies. You can approach various companies and ask which products they offer. In order for you to get an accurate gauge of what you will be paying in premiums you need to be honest about your tobacco chewing and also how often you do it. When you shop around you need to only look at the premiums but also the coverage that the policy offers.

One of the easiest ways for you to get multiple quotes from insurance companies is to find an independent agency that works with the companies. These are found online and usually involve you filling in a simple form that will ask for your personal details. Once you have submitted the form, they will get back to you with life insurance quotes from various companies.

This is a great way to compare the policy coverage and the premiums.

These independent agencies will work with reputable insurance companies. This means that you will receive competitive quotes from the best companies. You will not be able to take the exact quote right then and there as you will still need to do your medical exam and go through the application process with the insurance company. This is so that you understand all the terms of the policy and also the insurance company is able to assess your risk level accurately.

If you receive a quote that you think is too much for life insurance for tobacco chewers then you are able to reject this and find another company. You will only get the best and the most competitive rates by shopping around.

The Key Points of Getting Life Insurance for Tobacco Chewers

  1. Find a company that will give you non-tobacco rates – you will find plenty of top life insurance companies that will offer life insurance for dippers or tobacco chewers at lower rates like Prudential and MetLife.
  2. From these companies, find ones that will look favorably at your health – make sure that the companies you are looking at will take your overall health into consideration as well so that you are able to see who will give you the best rates and who will also offer non-tobacco rates.
  3. Qualify for your coverage – you should prepare for the medical exam and your agent will do the rest. It is up to your agent to sell your risk to the underwriter, by telling them of your dipping or tobacco chewing habit and they need to tell them that shows you in the most favorable light. You then need to find an agent that has experience in life insurance for tobacco chewers, dippers and smokeless tobacco.

Each case is different, especially in the world of insurance policy underwriting and risk assessment. You may find the best rates on your first try, or you may not. It’s worth every bit of time to ensure the well-being of your loved ones after you pass away.

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